Why should you consider Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten for your child?

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider sending your child to Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten.



The kindergarten is approved as a Kindergarten Program Provider in Queensland and is eligible for the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme.



Our teaching team are dedicated professionals with university qualifications in early childhood teaching. They are supported by early childhood qualified assistants. Our teachers have many many years of combined experience in teaching pre-school aged children. They are therefore very well qualified to prepare your child for Prep. In addition, we have a dedicated director to offer leadership and guidance within the kindergarten.



As a C&K affiliated kindergarten, Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten uses an educational program called “Building Waterfalls”. This is a play-based program which recognises the value and richness of children’s play as a catalyst for their learning. Click here for more information on our curriculum.




The kindergarten has undergone the assessment and rating process under the National Quality Standards and has been given the rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standards, the highest rating to receive after an external audit and visit by the Department of Education- Office for Early Childhood Education and Care.


Established in 1907, C&K is the longest and largest established provider of community based early childhood education in Queensland.  The C&K philosophy, where children come first, emphasises the fact that for C&K the interests of children are paramount. Any profits generated are returned to benefit the children and the community. Being a

C&K affiliated kindergarten, means that Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten is part of long and proud tradition of high-quality childhood services. Click here for more information about C&K


Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten is a not-for-profit centre. As a community kindergarten, parents and volunteers are involved in running and fund-raising for the kindergarten. This means we can keep our fees lower than most day-care centres. Click here for more information on our fees.


Come and visit and you will be impressed by our lovely facilities. Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten is located in a quiet street in Wynnum, backing onto the shady bank of Wynnum Creek. Over the past few years our front and rear play-grounds have been refurbished, and include a lovely fort, sand-pit, swings and much more. We also have a vegetable garden and a secret garden. The children are involved in caring for the environment by recycling their waste, and placing food scraps in our worm farm and compost bin teaches sustainable practices. Inside the rooms are spacious with high ceilings. The building is fully air-conditioned. Because the centre caters for the pre-prep aged child, we are able to target the resources to suit this age group. Consequently, we have an enormous array of wonderful resources and activities for the children, including a large library, computers, interactive whiteboards, puzzles, craft, science equipment, toys, home-corner and much, much more.



Just like at school, each class at Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten contains the same children, who all arrive and leave at the same time each day. As well as being good preparation for the school routine, this helps facilitate relationships with the other children and with the teacher (who is the same teacher each day for that class). In comparison, day-care classes will often have different children come and go on different days and at different times. Because all the children at Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten are in the pre-prep year, the entire year’s program can be organised to facilitate the transition from pre-prep to prep.




Being part of C&K means being part of a supportive, friendly, caring community. You and your family will be given the opportunity to be involved in your child’s learning. There are many ways to be involved. Being involved is a great way to support your child and to meet and make friends with other parents and carers.