The curriculum we practise at the Wynnum Manly Community Kindergarten is based upon the learning areas, principles and framework of both the Early Years Learning Framework and Building Waterfalls.

In 2009, the Federal Government developed the Early Years Learning Framework to provide quality education for children from birth to five years in a variety of settings. It is based around the areas of Belonging, Being and Becoming and integrates five learning goals:

• A strong sense of identity
• Connections with their world
• A strong sense of wellbeing
• Confidence and involvement in their learning
• Effective communication skills

C&K developed a curriculum in 2006 called Building Waterfalls and it is based on 4 key learning areas:
• Enlarging
• Listening
• Connecting
• Exploring

In 2011 the Qld Studies Authority recognised the updated Building Waterfalls 2 as an approved Kindergarten curriculum.

A copy of the Building Waterfalls and Early Years Learning Framework curriculums are available for loan. You will find them in the Parent Library.

Staff provide environments that foster the children’s development & learning. Staff observe the children at play and reflect on their learning in order to plan and implement the curriculum.

Our play based curriculum model has the following goals:

For your child to:
• Develop social competence and confidence to be able to resolve conflicts and develop mutually respectful relationships with peers and adults.
• Develop an understanding of their own value and that value within their family, their Kindy community and beyond.
• Investigate, explore, think, research and build on their own knowledge through active participation.
• Communicate their understandings, knowledge and thinking in a variety of ways including verbal and creative.

Information about the curriculum and experiences at the Kindergarten are available in the daily curriculum books. Staff are also available to discuss our philosophy and matters relating to the curriculum.